Strategies for a Smart Future

More and more Future Smart growth

The advisory services firm Future Smart Strategies is pleased to offer this update on continued expansion with the addition of five new senior staff bringing new business advisory offerings.

Managing Director Professor Ray Wills, Executive Directors Howard Buckley and Bob Blakiston, Director Carolyn Wills, and Associate Cara Garz, are joined by new Associate Directors Prof Martin Blake, Tony Leahy, Libby Walford, and Amish Sheth, and new Senior Associate, Courtney McBarron.

"The increasing diversification of professional services for business from Future Smart Strategies is intended to service businesses that want to minimise risk in their projects," says Professor Wills.

"If your business is still in the 20th Century with no clue why Pokemon Go is important, then we invite you to embrace innovation and join 21C - we'll get you Future Smart."

"Our work with clients has earned us a strong reputation for process-oriented, evidence-based work tracking and predicting emergent trends and technologies that deliver results for clients - and this will continue."

Executive Director - Mr Howard Buckley's extensive professional career spans auditing, ICT, senior management, and consulting in management and executive roles. Howard has delivered business improvement in Australia, Asia, the UK and the USA working across most industry sectors and business functions.

Associate Director – Professor Martin Blake is an internationally recognised sustainability expert and a Professor of Sustainable Business Development with a working portfolio of board directorships, advisory roles and keynote speaking engagements throughout Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe. He is highly valued for his innovative business strategies which save money, save energy and support businesses to add value to the triple bottom line: people, profit and planet. Prof Blake has pre-eminent expertise from over 30 years of developing strategic plans and influencing high profile stakeholders within Governments, NGOs and industry including the postal, construction, healthcare, oil & gas and charity sectors.

Associate Director – Tony Leahy is a qualified CPA and Registered Tax Agent with 3 decades of experience in Government, the accounting profession and in business serving in management and executive roles including Chief Executive. Tony has provided taxation and management advice to a wide range of business and industry groups while in private practice, as well as leadership, auditing and legal interpretation roles in Government.

Associate Director - Amish has a proven track record of delivery with over 14 years’ experience and a record of superior results in a variety of challenging environments within government, mining and private sectors. Amish provides visionary leadership and sharp business competencies to spearhead strategic planning and bottom line results. With projects across government, mining and private Sectors. Amish has demonstrated problem solving skills and a proven ability to manage and contribute to strategic outcomes with the highest standard. Amish utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value.

Senior Associate - Courtney McBarron has worked in senior management in all areas of business, operations and strategy spanning 15 years in the Mining, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Automotive and the Utilities industries. Core duties have included legal and regulatory business requirements, and governance and quality assurance, and driving major operational expenditure savings.